Walking Kilkenny download page


This download page is intended for individuals interesting in downloading my Walking Kilkenny tour. This walking tour of Kilkenny, Ireland, takes at least two hours to complete. However, participants are welcome to do only part of the tour.


For a Highlights of Kilkenny tour, try Stops #1 thru #16 as well as #19.


I ask that anyone who downloads the tour to please drop me a note at [email protected] letting me know how you heard about the tour. I also ask that anyone who participates in any part of the tour to fill out a feedback form and send it to me.


Downloading this tour will likely require a highspeed internet connection and software capable of reading PDF files (such as acrobat reader).


Have a great trip and enjoy the tour,


Corey Taratuta


PS - If you are looking for very unique and personalized Irish experience, please check out the website of my friend Liam Hughes at www.knockahopple.com. He's a fantastic host and knows "secret" sites all over Ireland that he is eager to share with his guests.

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Walking Kilkenny PDF - Sample (displays 2 pages from the tour)

DOWNLOAD NOW | 268KB | 28 AUG 2005

High Res Walking Kilkenny PDF - Full Tour (displays the entire tour)

DOWNLOAD NOW | 20MB | 26 JAN 2006

Low Res Walking Kilkenny PDF - Full Tour (displays the entire tour)

DOWNLOAD NOW | 1MB | 28 AUG 2005

Walking Kilkenny Feedback Form PDF

DOWNLOAD NOW | 52KB | 28 AUG 2005


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